The Best Custom Cabinets in Rockville, MD

At Rockville Custom Cabinets we offer custom millwork, entertainment centers, wall units, furniture and kitchen renovation at unbeatable prices. Since we first started in 1986, our goal has always been the same: "Do the best possible work at a competitive price".

Here are just a few of our services: 

Custom Cabinets


We come out and measure your space to determine cabinet dimensions.
You select the desired materials, wood type. stain or paint colors.
A sketch is made to verify the finished product look and layout.
We custom build your cabinets, paint or stain and prepare for installation.
You custom cabinets are delivered and professionally installed.
Rockville Custom Cabinets Wall Unit Built in


Wall Units  
We have helped design many wall units to meet the individual needs of our customers.
Most of our wall units can be modified to accommodate any request.
They allow you to hide all those wires connecting your kids gaming consoles, Home Theater components and other devices.

A wide variety of materials and colors are available.

Can be custom build to accommodate specific plasma, LED and other televisions.


Wall Unit001



















Store bought furnishings depreciate quickly where as our custom made products help to increase your home's value. Many times a home's design calls for custom cabinetry around the fireplace, under a staircase or other unique space. You just can't buy something from a store to fit in these areas. We can customize these locations for you, making them look and function better than ever.

We are meticulous when it comes to custom cabinetry, trim and molding work. Please review some of the projects we have on our site to see how our custom cabinets can add character to any room in your house.


We can custom install anywhere in Montgomery County, Maryland!

 Bathcabinet1 We can design and build a wide variety of products for you. Maybe you've seen a piece of stock cabinetry in a catalog or elsewhere on the internet that you like.

Chances are we can build it using higher quality products and can size it to fit your exact needs.

Our products at Rockville Custom Cabinets are functional, durable and designed for everyday use. Our experience allows us to meet sophisticated and unique space requirements.

Regardless of whether you have a new or older home, our custom cabinets, wall units or crown molding can be a welcome addition. Wall units allow books, movies and other items to be neatly organized, while providing easy access.

Our commitment to you means that our products are cost effective and within your budget.

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Here are a few of the other cabinets and products we have to offer.

We offer real wood custom entertainment centers made of pine, oak and maple. With many styles and colors available, they can be stained or painted. We will make sure your getting just the look and size you want.

Just send us your wall dimensions and the sizes of your components. Then we will give you a free estimate on a Custom Wall Unit.

Rockville Custom Entertainment Center

Wall Unit 0506  

Our larger wall units are build in pieces and meticulously assembled in your home or office.

We can design and construct a wall unit the fits that large screen TV and all related components perfectly. We layout ventilation areas to ensure your electronic equipment does not over-heat.


Just about any room can be transformed into a more organized space by adding one of our built-in wall units.

We can color match your stain to existing hardwood flooring, trim or doors for a perfect match every time.


Our products allow you to decide what style and color best matches your homes decor. If you have researched other options but still haven't found what you're looking for, give us a call or contact us today.

Please give us a call today at 301-460-4540 for a free site survey.